Dear Co-Operating Teacher,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Anna Hipperson.  I have lived in Regina my entire life and attended Marion McVeety School and Sheldon Williams Collegiate.  I loved my four years at Sheldon and only have positive memories of high school.  I think I can attribute my good experience of high school to the teachers whose classroom I was in.  I am currently in my third year in Education with a major in Health Education and a minor in Special Education.  I look forward to my pre-internship this current semester, and my internship in the fall.

In high school I was heavily involved in extra curricular activities.  I played basketball for all four years of high school and was part of the volleyball and track team in my first two years of high school.  In grade twelve, I was part of the Cultural Day committee.  When I reflect on my high school experience, the majority of my memories involve extra curricular activities.  Since I graduated from high school, I have been an assistant coach for various high school teams throughout the city.  Therefore, I would enjoy being part of extra curricular activities in the school that I am placed in.

In my second year of Education, I was placed in the Jr. FIAP classroom at W. H. Ford Elementary School.  In this classroom, I helped the teacher during group lessons, and had the opportunity to work with various students during independent time.  I loved my time spent there, and learned so much about the patient and understanding teacher I hope to be in the future.  While working in this classroom, I grew an interest for pursuing a minor in Inclusive Education, and eventually ended up switching from a minor in Mathematics to Inclusive Education.

I am excited to spend my three-week pre-internship in your classroom as I begin my experiences as a teacher and see high school through a teacher’s lens.


Anna Hipperson


Tech Task #3: Blogs

Though I still feel a littler overwhelmed about blogging and following blogs, I really am enjoying this and learning so much!  I am constantly finding new blogs to follow and valuable resources that I can incorporate into the classroom.  I am seeing this is a great way to communicate with other teachers and explore new ways to teach.

Three blogs I decided to follow:

The Innovative Educator ( I am also following the Innovative Educator on Twitter.  Though I don’t agree with everything that is posted on this blog, I definitely found some interesting discussions.  There are ways to incorporate cellphones, why some parents are “unschooling” their children, and how to effectively use SmartBoards in the classroom.

What Ed Said ( I found this blog on the Scholastic website.  It was ranked one of the top 20 blogs by teachers on the Scholastic website.  This blog is written by a teacher in Australia, and gives a lot of insight into what education might be like there.  I think this blog will be useful in being open minded towards different views of education.

Teacher Tech Blog ( I heard about this blog from a peer in one of my classes.  It sounded really interesting, so I thought I better check it out.  I instantly found out how to incorporate Lord of the Rings into curriculum, and the benefits of iPods in the classroom.  This is definitely a blog I will constantly keep my eye on throughout the semester.

Tech Task #3: Twitter

This semester, I’m experiencing how educational Twitter can be.  In the past, I had used twitter as a way to communicate with friends, and catch up on all my celebrity gossip.  However, I’m now finding new resources and interesting educational tools through the people I follow on twitter.

The five people or organizations I decided to follow on Twitter this week are:

Sir Ken Robinson (@SirKenRobinson): Through my education classes at the University of Regina, many professors have discussed Sir Ken Robinson and played some of his TedTalk videos for us.  I always really enjoy his videos, and I always find myself questioning the way of schools more and more after watching his videos.  Therefore, as a way to keep an open mind in this profession, I think Sir Ken Robinson would be a valuable person to follow.

Lisa Neilsen (@InnovativeEdu):  I heard about The Innovative Educator from a family friend who is a teacher.  The Innovative Educator tweets some interesting points regarding how education is changing in the world.

Will Richardson (willrick45): I heard about Will Richardson through another blog.  He seems to tweet interesting articles and discusses relevant topics.

Teachers Tech (@TeachersTech): I saw one of their tweets re-tweeted by someone else I follow, so I looked at their profile.  I think this twitter account will have numerous ideas on how to incorporate technology into the classroom.

Reach Out Volunteers (@rovolunteers): I heard about this organization through the University, and I really admire the work that these people do.  This is definitely an organization that I would love to volunteer for in the future.

Tech Task #3: Connecting

  • Find 3 blogs outside of our class to subscribe to. These three should be educators who are sharing regularly. Don’t just pick the first 3 you find but carefully decide if there’s potential for you to learn. They should be blogs where content is updated regularly and they either challenge or push your thinking or are sharing useful ideas or resources. Here’s one place to start
  • Find 5-10 new people to follow on twitter. This could be a mix of educators and other folks. Here’s one place to start. Twitter for Teachers
  • Participate in one of the following:

Write about each of these 3 tasks either in one or multiple posts. Share specifics about why you choose to read, follow people in the first task as well as your experience in the last. Provide links so others can easily find, follow or subscribe to your recommendations.

What is Pedagogy?

According to the Webster Dictionary, “Pedagogy is the art, science, or profession of teaching”.  Therefore, pedagogy is the teaching and classroom management strategies teachers use, the way in which the classroom is run, and how the students interact with one another in the classroom.  One’s pedagogy isn’t just what is taught through text books and tests, but also how it is being taught.  How engaged and interactive the students are depends on one’s pedagogy.

Tech Task #2: Exploring Google Forms


  • Create a simple google form and embed it on your blog. Keep it fairly simple but don’t be afraid to ask for some information you’re interested in .
  • Follow up the form with a summary post of your results and some possible uses/forms for future use.
  • Also set up your Google Drive and add this shared folder