Tech Task #3: Blogs

Though I still feel a littler overwhelmed about blogging and following blogs, I really am enjoying this and learning so much!  I am constantly finding new blogs to follow and valuable resources that I can incorporate into the classroom.  I am seeing this is a great way to communicate with other teachers and explore new ways to teach.

Three blogs I decided to follow:

The Innovative Educator ( I am also following the Innovative Educator on Twitter.  Though I don’t agree with everything that is posted on this blog, I definitely found some interesting discussions.  There are ways to incorporate cellphones, why some parents are “unschooling” their children, and how to effectively use SmartBoards in the classroom.

What Ed Said ( I found this blog on the Scholastic website.  It was ranked one of the top 20 blogs by teachers on the Scholastic website.  This blog is written by a teacher in Australia, and gives a lot of insight into what education might be like there.  I think this blog will be useful in being open minded towards different views of education.

Teacher Tech Blog ( I heard about this blog from a peer in one of my classes.  It sounded really interesting, so I thought I better check it out.  I instantly found out how to incorporate Lord of the Rings into curriculum, and the benefits of iPods in the classroom.  This is definitely a blog I will constantly keep my eye on throughout the semester.

One thought on “Tech Task #3: Blogs

  1. Lisa Neilsen, the Innovative Educator is certainly working hard at pushing the envelope. Being in New York city has a number of interesting challenges that need to be considered as you connect with her. I’m glad you’re venturing out into some spaces where you don’t always fully agree. That’s good learning for us all.

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