Tech Task #3: Twitter

This semester, I’m experiencing how educational Twitter can be.  In the past, I had used twitter as a way to communicate with friends, and catch up on all my celebrity gossip.  However, I’m now finding new resources and interesting educational tools through the people I follow on twitter.

The five people or organizations I decided to follow on Twitter this week are:

Sir Ken Robinson (@SirKenRobinson): Through my education classes at the University of Regina, many professors have discussed Sir Ken Robinson and played some of his TedTalk videos for us.  I always really enjoy his videos, and I always find myself questioning the way of schools more and more after watching his videos.  Therefore, as a way to keep an open mind in this profession, I think Sir Ken Robinson would be a valuable person to follow.

Lisa Neilsen (@InnovativeEdu):  I heard about The Innovative Educator from a family friend who is a teacher.  The Innovative Educator tweets some interesting points regarding how education is changing in the world.

Will Richardson (willrick45): I heard about Will Richardson through another blog.  He seems to tweet interesting articles and discusses relevant topics.

Teachers Tech (@TeachersTech): I saw one of their tweets re-tweeted by someone else I follow, so I looked at their profile.  I think this twitter account will have numerous ideas on how to incorporate technology into the classroom.

Reach Out Volunteers (@rovolunteers): I heard about this organization through the University, and I really admire the work that these people do.  This is definitely an organization that I would love to volunteer for in the future.

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