Dear Co-Operating Teacher,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Anna Hipperson.  I have lived in Regina my entire life and attended Marion McVeety School and Sheldon Williams Collegiate.  I loved my four years at Sheldon and only have positive memories of high school.  I think I can attribute my good experience of high school to the teachers whose classroom I was in.  I am currently in my third year in Education with a major in Health Education and a minor in Special Education.  I look forward to my pre-internship this current semester, and my internship in the fall.

In high school I was heavily involved in extra curricular activities.  I played basketball for all four years of high school and was part of the volleyball and track team in my first two years of high school.  In grade twelve, I was part of the Cultural Day committee.  When I reflect on my high school experience, the majority of my memories involve extra curricular activities.  Since I graduated from high school, I have been an assistant coach for various high school teams throughout the city.  Therefore, I would enjoy being part of extra curricular activities in the school that I am placed in.

In my second year of Education, I was placed in the Jr. FIAP classroom at W. H. Ford Elementary School.  In this classroom, I helped the teacher during group lessons, and had the opportunity to work with various students during independent time.  I loved my time spent there, and learned so much about the patient and understanding teacher I hope to be in the future.  While working in this classroom, I grew an interest for pursuing a minor in Inclusive Education, and eventually ended up switching from a minor in Mathematics to Inclusive Education.

I am excited to spend my three-week pre-internship in your classroom as I begin my experiences as a teacher and see high school through a teacher’s lens.


Anna Hipperson

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