Chapter One Response

This chapter begins by describing some different forms of assessment.  In this chapter, Anne Davies describes the difference between assessment for learning and assessment of learning, and how both are part of effectively assessing our students. Davies then discusses the importance of having the students involved in their assessment.  According to the Research Connection on page 3, when students are involved and given constant feedback of their learning, student learning is significantly increased.  This chapter allowed me to reflect on my time in high school and how I often looked for comments and feedback before looking for my mark.  It would drive me insane when teachers would hand me back a grade with no feedback of what I did well and where I could improve.  I also think of how none of my teachers involved us in our assessment.  There will rarely self-assessments done, and it seemed every assignment was for marks.  More often than not, there was only one correct way of getting to the answer; there was little creativity and independence in how we could complete our assignments.  Allowing students a variety of ways to display their learning is something I will definitely consider during my pre-internship, internship, and when I become a teacher.  If they are meeting the criteria, why not provide them with a variety of ways to demonstrate their learning?

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