Chapter Eleven Response

This chapter discusses the importance of teachers continuing their learning.  Furthermore, this chapter talks about the importance of creating learning circles with other professionals and how they can effectively be implemented among teachers.  On page 105, Davies states, “as members of a learning group, we can access the support we need to take risks, or to prevent us from leaping without a parachute”.  I think that quote is so true; as a future educator, I know I would be more willing to try new ideas and take more risks if I had the support of another/other professionals.  I think by creating learning circles within schools, teachers will feel less isolated within their schools, and more willing to engage in working with other to improve student learning.  After reading this chapter, I was curious to know if schools in the city have learning circles where teachers can share their thoughts and bounce ideas off each other.  Or even, if there are learning circles within school boards.  Outside of the Professional Development days, are teachers from other schools getting together to talk about what they are doing in the classroom?

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