Chapter Two Response

This chapter is about creating a learning environment in order for assessment to be possible.  At first, this chapter described the difference between descriptive and evaluative feedback.  I never really thought of them as separate things; I just assumed feedback was feedback.  One thing I thought was interesting about this chapter, is when it discusses having students provide feedback for others.  I never really was exposed to that until University, and I have to admit I didn’t like it at first.  I was afraid of giving feedback, in case I offended someone or was perceived as being a mean person.  However, I’m starting to get used to it and understand it more.  I think it is a good idea to have peers provide feedback to each other, because it builds relationships among one another, and takes the pressure off the teacher for always delivering.  One thing that drove me crazy in high school and University is when teachers would assign us large projects, but were unclear about what they expected.  Typically, one of the first questions that was always asked was, “can we see an example?”  I remember in my second year of University, the professor kept talking about all these great examples she had, but didn’t bring them to show us until the day the assignment was due.  I was so angry after, because I quickly realized I was doing the assignment wrong.  I found it really frustrating that she kept mentioning these examples as being what she expected, but never brought them to show us until it was too late.

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