First Interactions

Yesterday I spent the day meeting my virtual grade 4/5 classroom from Churchill Alternative School in Ottawa, Ontario.  What a good first day!  We spent about 30 minutes skyping and getting to know each other.  Each student came up to the iPad, Isaac, and introduced themselves then asked me a question.  It was funny how much I had in common with this class!  They asked questions like what my favourite movie or book was as a kid.  It was really interesting to hear that even though I was in love with Space Jam and A Series of Unfortunate Events over ten years ago, these kids loved these movies and books too!  That made me feel a little less young.

After talking to Shauna a little further about Churchill Alternative, it sounds like a really interesting place.  I’m so fortunate to have been linked up with such a fun group of students.  I can’t wait to hear some of their stories during their Language lesson on Monday!

2 thoughts on “First Interactions

  1. Hi Anna,

    It’s so exciting to read about your experiences “in” our room on here! Do you mind if I link to your posts on our class blog? I’m sure the kids would love to hear about themselves!

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