Day Two!

Yesterday I skyped for the second time with Shauna‘s classroom!  I spent the first little bit just observing their language lesson on sentence structure.  While students were independently working on their sentence work, I had the opportunity to work one-one-one with two students.  They each read me their stories, then we edited it, and made some adjustments.  I was impressed by the imagination these girls had!  Both stories were full of creativity, and it was good to hear really creative and imaginative stories.

After recess, I sat in on a math lesson.  I really liked how this math class was run.  Right from the get-go, Shauna put up what the objectives were for that lesson.  I think that was such a good idea to show the kids that first thing in the lesson; it made it clear for everyone what the goal was.  I’m a pretty concrete person, so that would have helped me immensely in school.  Once the objectives were clear, they wrote down the objectives in their own words; Patrick explained that he found it easier to understand the goals when the goals were written by him in language he understood.  I thought he brought up a really good point; Shauna posted her version of the goal, then allowed the students the time to make that goal meaningful for them.  Once a few students shared their interpretation of the objectives, we then moved on to a few examples of how to achieve that objective.

I am really looking forward to what our next steps are . . . A few health lessons perhaps!

2 thoughts on “Day Two!

  1. I’m in love with the way we’re doing Math right now. The part that you saw is based on Interactive Math Notebooks – an instructional booklet you can buy on Teachers Pay Teachers and read more about here - There’s a lot of wiggle room, but it’s a GREAT structure. There is “right side” and “left side” of the page thinking. On our blog, there are some examples of the really cool “reflective” piece -

    We can talk more about this if you want! Or, you can ask the kids!

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