If students designed their own schools…

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

While looking through others blogs, I saw this video on Dan’s blog, and was really intrigued.  This article is a snapshot of a school in Washington that created a program for Independent Learning, where the students have 100% control of their learning.  We frequently discuss giving students some control of their learning, but I found it really interesting to see that the students had the freedom to learn about whatever interested them.

I liked the idea of having weekly questions.  At the beginning of the week, each student would pose a question that they were curious about.  They would then spend the half of their time that week answering their question through research or experimentation.  The part I really liked about this independent program is that they had one large individual endeavour.  This was a bigger, and more ambitious project that they participated in throughout the entire term.  The only requirements for this assignment were that the student had to display effort and mastery of a skill towards their endeavour.  For one student, that was learning how to play the piano; for another it was creating a documentary.  The teachers were there just to support and mentor the students through their project.

I think that is such a good idea, and something I would definitely consider trying in the classroom.

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