Tech Task #7: If This, then That

I think I am really going to like IFTTT.  It will be beneficial for linking things, such as my blog or vimeo, to things like my dropbox or evernote account.  They always say, “never put all your eggs in one basket!”, so I think this will help to have multiple means of backing up my information.






2 thoughts on “Tech Task #7: If This, then That

    • To be honest, I’m still trying to figure it out! As of now, I just use it as a storage place. I’ve seen it is a great place to enter to-do lists. I have it downloaded on my phone and my laptop, so if I make a to-do list during class (which I would never do….), it will sync with my phone, so I always have my to-do’s on the go! I also set it up so that when I blog, all my blogs “back-up” to Evernote. I ended up losing a bunch of posts at the beginning of the semester, just by clumsily deleting them. So, having each one of my posts save to Evernote is a life saver if something were to ever happen to my blog.

      As for now, that is all I use it for; but I’m excited to find new ways to use this app.

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