How do we assess understanding?

What Ed Said is one of the blogs I chose to follow for a previous Tech Task.  I’m glad I did!  I was looking through my blogs the other day and found an interesting post about assessment.  Creating rubrics is something that has been discussed in many of my classes, and something I have experienced with Room 209.  In one of my ECS classes, we worked together on creating a rubric for our one of our major assignments.  My oh my, was it ever a task!  I guess I never realized how big of a process it is to create rubrics with students.  I also noticed this when I worked with Room 209 to create a rubric for their Substance Abuse/Addictions project.

One thing I noticed about the rubrics posted on the What Ed Said blog was that numbers for assessment were replaced with words.  I also noticed this when working with Room 209; they used terms such as “Neon Green; Green; Yellow; and Red” instead of a score.  I thought that was an interesting way of looking at assessment.  Having “student friendly” language in the rubric I noticed was also key.  Room 209 is big on calling things “juicy”, so I noticed that if you achieved a neon green, you had some real juicy information to share with us!  By using this language, the students seemed more involved, and I have to admit, I quite enjoyed the process as well!

Another interesting part about the rubrics on the What Ed Said blog was that the rubric was phrased in “I can” statements.  I’ve heard about the importance of these in some of my other classes, but to see it on a rubric really helped me to grasp the relevancy “I can” statements have for students.  I’ll definitely keep those statements in mind as I plan my assessment unit!

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