Tech Task #8 – Week One

I’m using this post to kill two birds with one stone by blogging from my phone! So, week one of my pre-internship is complete! Woot! As tired as I’m feeling, I have to admit I’m having the best time. Balfour Collegiate is treating me well… The students are so much fun to work with, and the staff are so accommodating and constantly willing to offer up their time to discuss our internship.

Thursday was Diversity Day. It was really interesting to see how diverse Balfour really is! They represent 36 different countries and speak 33 different languages! Holy Cow! There was cultural trivia during the day; delicious taste testing at lunch; and endless entertainment. It was apparent the choir teacher worked really hard with the ELA students in working on a song half in their native tongue and half in English. It was quite impressive.

The Shirley Schneider Centre was another part of Balfour I was exposed to on Thursday. Diversity Day was held in the auditorium, so over the lunch hour a few of the girls brought their kids down to check it out. I was shocked at young some of these girls were, but how some of them were so responsible and trying their best. I felt better knowing there was a place like the Shirley Schneider Centre for these girls.

This week I begin teaching a full class! Last week I just taught in small groups, but tomorrow I’m given an all girls Wellness 10 class, and could not be more excited. We’re going to learn about relationships, so I hope the girls are interested in this topic, and involved in what I have planned…. Back to planning these lessons I go!

5 thoughts on “Tech Task #8 – Week One

  1. Glad you are having a great time at Balfour! Loved my experience there for my internship and had a similar experience with the amazing staff there. Say hi to Laurie for me!:)

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