Assessing students

For the Wellness 10 unit I taught last week, the girls had three assignments that they handed in to me for evaluation.  The first assessment was questions and a journal response to the Penn State case we looked at early in the week.  Most of the girls finished the questions in class, and those who didn’t finish in class handed it in first thing at the beginning of next class.  I was relieved that the girls were so good about handing their questions in.

However, the assignment given on Wednesday didn’t go so well.  Again, most of the girls were really quiet, and worked very attentively; however, only about two or three girls handed their questions in at the end of class.  The next day, only about two or three more girls handed their questions in.  Four days later, I still have yet to receive the questions from the rest of the girls.  I’m starting to get a little worried and frustrated, as I am only at Balfour for three more days, and their Wellness teacher told them numerous times that she isn’t marking assignments that are handed in after I leave.

I also had them create a brochure for a peer support group, or a “letter to the editor” discussing a conflict in a relationship, and a response letter from the editor with steps to enhance that relationship.  My co-op and I thought it would be a good assignment, as I wasn’t expecting much, and I had given them multiple handouts throughout the week that would make this assignment a piece of cake.  This assignment was due last week, and I am still waiting for eight of the thirteen girls to hand in their assignments.  Again, I’m slightly worried right now.  I have explained to them multiple times that I only have 3 days left, and therefore offered to work with them during the lunch hours to get these assignments done.  On Friday, none of the students showed up to work on their assignments.  I’m struggling with how I am going to assess these students in the next three days if they don’t hand anything in to me.  Any suggestions?

Hopefully they show up today at noon hour to finish their assignments!

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