One thought on “Assistive Technology Team Meeting

  1. I love that you chose to create a video to document your learning. Some of the things you shared were really interesting and applicable to all students. Examples being that some of my students really were against use of coloured paper because it was hard for them to read from or would cause them to lose focus. Other students were frustrated when I would use certain colours of marker on the board. Again, as you mentioned, it is important for students to share how they are feeling so we can make those easy adaptations.
    I liked how you pointed out the importance of having the student there when you are reflecting on adaptations. No one knows better what they need and what works for them than the actual student. It is important for us as educators to sit down and take the time to have those one on one conversations to open up the communication lines.
    Lastly, I’m glad you had such an awesome experience at Balfour. I know it likely doesn’t help for me to say don’t be nervous for internship (didn’t help when others would tell me that); but seriously don’t be nervous. You’re gonna rock it!

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