Tech Task #10: Best Ideas

Heather Durnin: I really enjoyed the Padlet app we learned about.  I think that would be a really good idea, even for high school.  I liked how she used it as sticky notes, and I think this would also be a good form of diagnostic assessment.  I would try padlet prior to a unit and ask students to post what they may already know, or what they want to know more about.  Our Day Project was also so neat!  I can’t believe that they had the opportunity to Skype with students from Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Australia!  That is so neat.  I liked the idea of just filming people throughout their days.  I think that is a great icebreaker when getting to know how others live around the world.  I also love how she shows things their class is doing outside of technology, and they just use technology simply for the usage of communication.  Keeping the lines of communication open, through newsletters, or emails, is crucial, and I will definitely keep my blog in mind when communicating with parents.

Royan Lee: looking at technology through space.  He discusses how most classrooms are traditional and allow little collaboration;  technology is a great tool as it can alter our notion of space in the classroom.  I thought it was interesting how Royan discussed how frequent Apple products are.  From what I understand, Royan explains that Apples are advantageous, because they are one of the few providers that allow students and teachers administrative access to the computer.  Meaning, Apple allows the students to get into the settings, install, and delete as they would on their own computer.  BYOD – bring your own device: the effectiveness of this program is dependent on your group of students.  For some schools this will not be a possibility, as few will have access to these devices that will be effective in the classroom.  I liked how Royan discussed movement and technology.  He explains just because they are engaged in technology doesn’t mean they are participating in sedentary activities.  I think that is a key point, that I think is important when incorporating technology in the classroom.

Clarence Fisher: I thought it was interesting how Clarence discussed differentiating based on technology.  I really liked how he discussed that not all students will learn best using the same technology tools.  I guess I never really considered that technology may not work for some students.  There is such an emphasis on all the positive aspects regarding technology in the classroom, that we never really talk about how we need to differentiate for those students who don’t enjoy technology.  I also really liked how Clarence had his students “stalk” well-known educators.  This could easily be used in a health lesson when discussing social media and the importance of using social media in a safe and secure manner.

I thought all three of these presenters were really interesting to listen to.  They had quite a wealth of knowledge, and it was interesting to hear middle years educators discuss their views of technology.

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