Chapter Four Response

This chapter discusses the importance of samples when giving students assignments. I liked how this chapter talked about having the students examine the samples prior to creating the rubric. By looking at the samples first, the students can go through and list the important features on their own.

I also think that by having samples for students to look at, it would be easier for students and teachers to see how students work compared to what was expected. I think it would allow us as teachers to provide better quality feedback, and it would be more explicit for students to see where they could have improved.

I found during my pre-internship that samples really do make a huge difference. When I gave my Wellness 10 girls a unit assignment, they asked me if I had any examples. To be honest, I didn’t really think to create one, because the assignment was so open ended as to how the students completed it. I also noticed this with another teachers English 10 assignment. She told me that she has tons of examples from her previous units, but since she was trying something new she didn’t have anything to show the students. She said she found it nerve wracking, because the students didn’t have anything to go off of, and she didn’t have an example to use when marking.

I know trying new assignments within units is worthwhile, but I can see how this teacher who was so used to having examples felt slightly overwhelmed.

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