Chapter Eight Response

This chapter begins by discussing how collecting evidence of learning used to only be the teacher’s responsibility.  However, as it states, “if students are to be involved in assessment in support of their learning, then they must also be involved in this crucial aspect”.  I think that is a really good point I never considered before.  I think by doing this process, it will allow me as a teacher to see whether or not students truly are grasping the content.  Not only will it show what the students know, it will also show how students are as learners – in what ways they learn best, in what ways they don’t learn best, areas of struggle, etc.

I think if I were to set this up, I would have three or four “activities” that could count towards one aspect of the learning.  If there are four aspects in which I will be assessing on, students will get to choose what activity they will hand in for each of the four aspects.  I think this would work really well for English – if students were given multiple means to draft, edit, and revise multiple poems, then only had to submit the two in which they felt were their strongest.  For Health I can see this working for some units as some of the indicators are closely related and can be assessed through a variety of sources.  However, there are some outcomes and indicators that I think would be more difficult to provide students the opportunity to choosing and presenting their evaluation.

Portfolios is something I remember as a kid that I absolutely loved.  It was a time where I could show my parents, grandparents, and anyone else who would look.  Portfolios would be a great asset for three-way conferences.  This would help the parents to understand why their child has the mark he/she has in that class.  One aspect to portfolios I would be hesitant about is for the students who lack the assignments or activities to put in the portfolio.  Thinking back to my portfolio, I always enjoyed showing my parents because it was a time when I could brag about “how good I was”.  However, I never really considered until now how these portfolios would look for the students who are missing assignments.  Knowing that their parents and teachers will be going through their portfolios, I wonder if this would encourage students to complete assignments, or make them feel worse, and potentially less engaged, about having incomplete work.

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