Where are all the students?

I am fortunate enough to be back at Balfour Collegiate for my internship this fall!  I have to admit, I’m really happy to be back at school!  Who knew someone could get so excited just from getting a “teacher day planner” from the office?  Though the school year for teachers has begun, it isn’t what I expected.  I guess as a student, I never realized all the preparation and organization that took place before the first day of school.  I kind of thought they showed up the day before school started, and were ready for the year in a few hours – I’m quickly learning that is not the case.

There have been a lot of interesting meetings and in-services so far this week!  This has helped me to meet the staff and feel more comfortable figuring out my role here at Balfour.  I’m really looking forward to wrapping this week up, and getting to meet my class!