Slam Poetry at it’s Finest

I found this video on Facebook and couldn’t help but have similar thoughts towards education as this man does. Just from the brief time I’ve spent in the EAL rooms, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for these students who barely understand their own language to figure out our language in order to stay in school.



Was I that active in Grade Nine?

Now that internship seminar is wrapped up, I’m glad to be back at Balfour this week!  Internship Seminar was a worth while experience, and I’m now feeling better prepared for the next four months.  Laurie and I spent a great deal of time discussing our expectations of one another during internship, and what our goals were over the next four months.  Though I had interned with Laurie in the winter and had an idea of what her expectations were of me, I can see how crucial this process would be to new interns and cooperating teachers.  Those three days really helped to “clear the air” and build a strong foundation between Laurie and I.

This week I got a better look at our two grade nine health classes.  Boy, are they active! Both classes are diverse in learning styles and have a handful of busy bodies!  These kids seem to constantly need movement and peer interaction, so I’m really looking forward to working with these classes, as I feel I learned best by moving around and being involved.

Tomorrow is our Open House, so I’m anxious to see how Balfour runs their open house.  I hope there is a good turnout, and I can meet some of the families that are either in my Tutorial or grade nine Health classes!