Beginning of the Year Pep Talk!

As a new, and exciting school year starts, Kid President gives a great pep talk to get students and teachers motivated . . . Think my grade nines will like this video?

Be awesome!


Dear Co-Operating Teacher,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Anna Hipperson.  I have lived in Regina my entire life and attended Marion McVeety School and Sheldon Williams Collegiate.  I loved my four years at Sheldon and only have positive memories of high school.  I think I can attribute my good experience of high school to the teachers whose classroom I was in.  I am currently in my third year in Education with a major in Health Education and a minor in Special Education.  I look forward to my pre-internship this current semester, and my internship in the fall.

In high school I was heavily involved in extra curricular activities.  I played basketball for all four years of high school and was part of the volleyball and track team in my first two years of high school.  In grade twelve, I was part of the Cultural Day committee.  When I reflect on my high school experience, the majority of my memories involve extra curricular activities.  Since I graduated from high school, I have been an assistant coach for various high school teams throughout the city.  Therefore, I would enjoy being part of extra curricular activities in the school that I am placed in.

In my second year of Education, I was placed in the Jr. FIAP classroom at W. H. Ford Elementary School.  In this classroom, I helped the teacher during group lessons, and had the opportunity to work with various students during independent time.  I loved my time spent there, and learned so much about the patient and understanding teacher I hope to be in the future.  While working in this classroom, I grew an interest for pursuing a minor in Inclusive Education, and eventually ended up switching from a minor in Mathematics to Inclusive Education.

I am excited to spend my three-week pre-internship in your classroom as I begin my experiences as a teacher and see high school through a teacher’s lens.


Anna Hipperson

What is Pedagogy?

According to the Webster Dictionary, “Pedagogy is the art, science, or profession of teaching”.  Therefore, pedagogy is the teaching and classroom management strategies teachers use, the way in which the classroom is run, and how the students interact with one another in the classroom.  One’s pedagogy isn’t just what is taught through text books and tests, but also how it is being taught.  How engaged and interactive the students are depends on one’s pedagogy.